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Autodesk Inventor 2025 What’s New

This year marks a monumental milestone for 25 years of Autodesk Inventor, a quarter of a century of designing and making your best products. This release brings over 142 enhancements, each carefully crafted to improve user experience, enhance functionality, and streamline design processes.  We’ve also tackled over 1330 bug fixes, demonstrating our commitment to reliability and performance. 

Check out the following video demonstrations for enhancements to part and assembly modeling, sheet metal, drawings, and interoperability. If you want to learn more and ask questions to the experts, then be sure to register for the upcoming webinars listed at the end of the article.

Part Modeling 

Inventor 2025 continues to build on the momentum of the 2024 updates by introducing several significant enhancements to part modeling capabilities, particularly in the Finish Feature functionality. Watch the following video to discover improvements for faster, more efficient workflows.

Sheet Metal 

Inventor 2025 introduces a modernized interface for designing sheet metal components, making the process more intuitive and efficient than ever before. This latest release boasts a sleek, user-friendly UI that streamlines the design workflow by placing tools in a logical order and making previously hard-to-find features readily accessible.  

Assembly Modeling 

Let’s look at the improvements to assembly modeling, including some much-needed graphical updates like highlighting the hidden sections of components. Quickly change the color of all parts in your assemblies using customizable color schemes. Discover a new option for “Oriented Minimum Bounding Cylinder” when using cylindrical envelopes to simplify your assemblies. And speed up fastener placement when creating assembly-level patterns.


There’s a plethora of “Just-Do-It” enhancements to optimize drawings, documentation, and annotations.  Starting with a heavy hitter is the ability to insert “item number” to drawing leader text. This new functionality enables dynamic updates to text that are linked to the parts list, as well as to balloons and notes within drawings, ensuring that documentation remains consistent and accurate throughout the design process. 


Next, we’ll explore the advancements for interoperability within the Autodesk ecosystem, focusing on enhanced compatibility and seamless integration with AEC applications to facilitate smoother and more efficient workflows. 


In this release of Inventor, we have emphasized our commitment to making it the premier tool for engineering and design. It brings a series of features and functionalities that streamline your design process, improve your user experience, and promote interoperability, ensuring that you’re equipped with the most advanced tools that work exactly how you expect them to. 

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