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BIM built for the field

Improve BIM coordination efficiency with OpenSpace BIM+. This user-friendly package of 3D tools simplifies daily tasks, enabling field teams to easily view and navigate BIM models on-site and solve problems—no BIM expertise needed.

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Answer your BIM questions in the field. No specialized training or new hardware needed.

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Updating your site captures and models is fast and easy, ensuring you have the latest, most relevant information.

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Define and solve problems through clear, visual communication to actually get work done in the field.

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Enhance coordination with the combination of our industry-leading reality capture solution and BIM capabilities.

Accelerate office and field coordination

Frequently asked questions

What is OpenSpace BIM+?

OpenSpace BIM+ is a package of easy-to-use 3D tools that helps you get work done faster by unlocking BIM coordination between the office and the field. If you’d like to get started using OpenSpace BIM+, request a demo.

How is OpenSpace BIM+ different than OpenSpace Capture?

OpenSpace BIM+ is an add-on module that expands on our BIM Compare feature. The additional BIM capabilities included in OpenSpace BIM+ make it even easier to navigate, analyze, and manage your BIM models by leveraging the image and location data of OpenSpace Capture.

Do you need OpenSpace Capture to use OpenSpace BIM+?

Yes, the images and functionality of OpenSpace Capture are the foundation for OpenSpace BIM+. You cannot use OpenSpace BIM+ without OpenSpace Capture.

Do you need a model to use OpenSpace BIM+?

Yes, OpenSpace BIM+ furthers your BIM investment by making your models available to all project team members including field teams.

Is OpenSpace BIM+ available now?

Yes, OpenSpace BIM+ is available to everyone. Interested in getting started? Request a demo.

Where can I find more information?

You can find additional information and FAQs in our blog post. If you’re already using OpenSpace BIM+, find tips and detailed how-to articles in our Support site.