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Infrastructure Solutions

Our services is responsible for the overall design, implementation, operation, and support of IT systems infrastructure for our customers.

Leveraging a broad spectrum of both experience and expertise, IT Infrastructure Services will help customer to established and maintain their IT infrastructure supporting their business.

IT Infrastructure Services offering our customer the following services:

  • Storage Solutions
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Virtual and Physical Server Management
  • Security Solutions
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions

Infrastructure Platform

Planning and building a reliable IT foundation is the message we always give to our customers, and all that starts with a solid data communication infrastructure. Not just dependable, we also have to maintain a certain level of security to our infrastructure.

Scalability is also an issue that we emphasize to our customer to make sure that the initial investment that they have to put up with is aligning with the rapid growth of their internal organization. This includes all aspect from data communication (cabling and active devices), Hardware (server and desktop), and software (operating systems, desktop tools, and specific industries applications).

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PT. Cipta Satria Informatika had established partnership with Sophos a developer and vendor of computer security software and hardware to support our customers for the need of security in their IT infrastructure thoroughly.

Sophos is providing communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security and mobile security as well as Unified Threat Management products. Sophos is largely focused on providing security to organizations and businesses.

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