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Minimize waste, increase efficiency, and improve quality with Autodesk construction software


Evaluate and enhance the constructability of designs and improve the project delivery process with field management and virtual construction software. Deliver more effective planning, coordination, and control through greater design insight and project predictability from preconstruction through execution.


Construction modeling
Create realistic and interactive simulations and visualizations to more easily communicate how work will be executed. Revit
Predict and communicate project constructability more accurately with the ability to virtually construct, test, and validate design intent. 3ds Max
Increase collaboration with stakeholders by integrating data from multiple sources to facilitate whole project review and construction simulation. Navisworks

BIM 360 Collaborate Pro

Reduce error-prone manual counting and maintain more accurate budgets with software that calculates material quantities and tracks in-cost estimates. Revit
Produce more accurate estimates and update the quantification process by extracting quantities, areas, and volumes from 2D and 3D designs. Navisworks


Minimize expensive delays by checking model collisions between elements within individual disciplines. Revit
Reduce waste and minimize RFIs when you find, manage, and resolve conflicts prior to construction. Navisworks
Simplify collaboration by giving stakeholders access to BIM models and intelligent data with cloud-based model coordination and clash detection. BIM 360 Docs
Planning & Logistic
Minimize delays and rework with software that simulates the sequence of activities and helps you identify potential problems. Navisworks
Minimize material waste, improve labor efficiency, and boost field productivity by designing custom building components for fabrication. Revit
Fabrication CADmep

Advance Steel

Inventor Profesional

Field management
Transform the delivery and oversight of construction by combining cloud-based collaboration with mobile technologies at the point of construction. Navisworks
Reduce contractual, safety, performance, and financial liability risks when you automate issue tracking, quality management, and access to project data. BIM 360 Build
Field layout
Create points in the BIM/CAD model, and export/import coordinate data to the field for faster, more accurate construction layout, QA/QC, and as-built modeling. Revit


Commisioning & handover
Shorten handover periods with electronic handover documentation that provides the owner with a digital asset. BIM 360 Build
Reduce facility downtime by speeding recommissioning with software that tracks key details throughout the commissioning process. BIM 360 Ops

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