Cipta Satria Informatika

As a very dynamic and aggressive IT company, CSI organization chart is clearly simple and straight forward to make sure the flow of communication among team member are maintain at the highest degree of clarity. Picture each department at CSI organization as human body parts, which each member knows their own task and responsibilities to make sure a complete quality of services as the outcome.

CSI have highly trained personnel to deliver the complete range of solution available within our services and product portfolio. Our human resources are skillful, and also experienced in solving all technical issues that might appears during the implementation phase of a project. Product and technology update are also one key area that we are focusing to maintain the quality of our services. Therefore we always keep our resource up-to-date at all time.



Helping our customer to achieve new level of success

Our Vision is clear, “Helping our customer to achieve new level of success“. We believe by achieving this, we will also become more successful. We develop simple steps as guidelines to obtain this goal:

  • Get to know our customer well
  • Know their business process and identified if there are any problems within them
  • If there are no problems, identified a way how those business process can be improve to perfection
  • Develop a complete solutions to address those issues
  • Implement those solutions

Our customer trust and satisfaction is the key critical success factor in our daily operations. Our primary objective is for our customer to see us more than just their solution provider, but as their business partner to success.


CSI have developed a solid partnership with well-known software, hardware, and data communication companies. Each partnership will enrich our solution and service offering to help customers specific business needs. Partnership with companies like Autodesk, Unity, SketchUp, HP, and Sophos will also leverage our image and status to become a reputable IT company in Indonesia.