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The best IT Infrastructures and engineering application systems

Our long and extensive experiences supporting our customers in IT Infrastructure and CAD application systems have develop our engineers to become consultant for their wide knowledge in practical & business issues as well as technology update in most of IT area of expertise.

We have confidence to suggest the best fit IT infra and engineering application systems for our customers and make an executable plan in number of phases needed by customers to meet their budget planning.

Our offering in this services include:

  • System Assessment
    Whether in the area of IT fundamental infrastructures, enterprise systems and security to help our customers achieve the most reliable and cost effective business flow, to a specific engineering application assessment in order to study its suitability to design and engineering workflow in our manufacturing customers as well as our engineering & construction customers.
  • Implementation Plan
    Based on the findings of the assessment activities, we can continue in giving our customers the implementation plan to improve the systems as the final goals. This plan will break down in an executable action plan with measurable time frame and budget.