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What is AU? Long story. Here’s the short version.

Autodesk University (AU) is many things. First, it was an event. Then it became many events. Now it’s also an online destination for learning.











AU began in 1993 as an Autodesk software user conference in San Francisco. It was a chance for designers, architects, and engineers to come together and learn from the best in their industries, share practical tips for getting the most from the software, compare notes, and rub elbows with their peers.











That first conference was such a hit we decided to make it an annual event. Year by year, it grew. The audience expanded as we added new products for industries like media & entertainment and construction. We started to include not just software users, but industry leaders, too. And as that happened, AU evolved from an opportunity to share Autodesk software tips and tricks to showcasing thought leadership, case studies, and much more.











In 2008 we added international events, starting with Shanghai and Tokyo. Now, AU is worldwide, from São Paulo to Sydney, with over 23,000 attendees globally.











But that wasn’t enough, so we added AU online. Now anyone can access incredible learning content and inspirational industry talks from our conference events anytime, anywhere. At AU online, class is always open and always free.











What is AU? It’s learning and growing professionally, gaining new skills and improving existing ones, and exploring the future of making things. That’s what AU is all about.

Let the learning begin.


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