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Design for manufacturing software

Design and manufacture plastic products more efficiently with Simulation DFM software, part of the Digital Prototyping solution. Simulation DFM works within your existing 3D CAD program, providing near real-time feedback on the manufacturability, cost, and environmental impact of your design.

Simulation DFM features

DFM software tools

Demos show how Simulation DFM software helps you test, modify, and verify concepts early in the design process using real-time feedback. Work within various CAD-integrated platforms and take advantage of flexible processes to customize design rules and communicate results.


Real-time interface with many CAD programs
Work within Inventor 3D CAD software, Dassault SolidWorks, PTC Creo, and other supported CAD systems, and get near real-time feedback on your designs—while you are creating them. Save time and eliminate guesswork by considering ideal manufacturing conditions at every step in the design process. Check design concepts inside any part design.


Plastic design for manufacturing
Verify plastic product designs early during the creation process. Set configurable rules, allowing for real-time feedback. See design violations and discover how your design affects manufacturability.


Gate placement influence
Simulation DFM uses technology based on Simulation Moldflow to show how plastic flow will affect your design. Test gate locations on a part, and see how moving the location alters your design concept.


On-demand design information
Use an intuitive interface to immediately generate data during product design—no need to wait for answers or results, or spend time setting up simulations.


Fully configurable design rules
Customize any part design, regardless of its size, shape, or intent. Design rules help ensure that manufacturability, cost, and energy requirements are configured to clearly display results.


Designer-level manufacturing impact
Use relative terminology to clearly communicate design intent and impact to manufacturing engineers or mold designers.