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Virtual wind tunnel testing tools

Flow Design simulates airflow and wind tunnel testing around buildings, vehicles, outdoor equipment, consumer products, and other virtual structures. Fast feedback and intuitive controls enable you to gain deep design insight early in development. Add this virtual wind tunnel to your Digital Prototyping processes to make more streamlined products.

Flow Design features

Fluid dynamics simulation

Flow Design features and capabilities enable you to observe and measure fluid dynamics. Perform fluid flow analysis for buildings, locations, products, and all kinds of simulated structures. An intuitive user interface and interoperability with Revit and Inventor help you gain better insight earlier in the development process. More resources (pdf)


Windows and Mac compatible
Flow Design runs easily on both Windows and Mac platforms. Use Flow Design for Mac stand-alone software to run a fluid flow analysis natively on your Mac, and enjoy the full Mac experience.


Wind tunnel testing in Inventor
Flow Design can operate as a stand-alone application or from within Inventor 3D CAD software. This capability can save you time, because you can perform a wind tunnel test to visualize and understand airflow around an Inventor model without leaving the program.


Fluid dynamics simulation within Revit
Flow Design can run as a stand-alone application or from within Revit building software. Start Flow Design while working on a CAD model to visualize and understand airflow around it without leaving the program, and experience direct import and neutral file formats, such as STEP and IGES.


Fast and easy setup
Getting started with Flow Design requires very little setup. Within seconds of launching the application, you can begin to observe and understand airflow behavior. Easily adjust wind speed, wind tunnel size, model orientation, and solution resolution while the simulation is running to explore different conditions.


Simple geometry import
Regardless of the level of detail in your 3D model, Flow Design can import your geometry and perform wind tunnel simulations to assess fluid dynamics. The software works with a range of file types, high- and low-quality designs, interferences, and gaps.


Interactive 2D and 3D results
Fluid dynamics simulation enables you to explore how your design will interact with the wind and to visualize where wakes and high- and low- pressure regions will form. Create dynamic 2D and 3D flow line animations, vector plots, iso surfaces, and velocity or pressure results on planes.